Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Leon, my Stay-at-home Filo

Hey there,

So here we go for my first set-up post/walk-through. I'm excited! Get ready for a lot of pictures, because picture-heavy posts are my favorites when it comes to Filofaxes :) I'm sorry these are a bit blurry!

In my first post, I explained that this A5 Chameleon was the second Filo I bought. I had been using the pocket size for almost 6 months by then, and I was starting to feel limited by the size. I love that the Pocket is so portable, but sometimes I would feel frustrated, especially when I was trying to write up my day in the evening. I tend to use my Filo as a planner, for future events, as an organizational tool, when my time is a little tight and I need to put more thoughts in planning the day, and as a record of what happened, gluing bits and bobs in it. So, I decided to get an A5 Filo that I would mainly keep at home. If my job were to change, I would then think about taking it with me to work, but that wasn't an issue at the moment (and still isn't). I will do a separate post where I describe my Pocket 'on-the-go' Filo.
I received this A5 Chameleon just as I was quitting my job and going to spend the summer at my parents' house, so I have some difficulties setting it up. Because, you know, I'm not in my 'real life' right now, if that makes any sense?? Anyway, except an update of this set-up when September arrives :)

On the left hand side of the cover, we have 8 credit cards slots, one bigger slot, 2 slip length pockets and one zipped length pocket. I don't keep a lot here. I have a few stickers in the slip pockets, some post it flags and Tracy's paperclip. In the credit card slots, I keep personal pictures that I printed on Moo to the right format. I don't use the pen loop because, as the binder stays at home, I have access to ALL my pens :) When I do need to take it with me, I usually take a pencil and a ballpoint pen with me.

The very first page you see, behind the transparent fly leaf, is the registration number. I'm paranoid I might lose my Filo (which stays home...) After that, there's the personal information page (well, really, only my name and email address), and then the Filofax informational pages I decided I needed (EU Members, Religious Festivals, Notable Dates). That's the end of the 'introduction' part of my Filo.

Then we go into my 'objectives'. First I have a mind map of my main goals for 2012 (roughly). I made it cute with different colors and stickers, and put it in a homemade protective sheet (just an A4 plastic sheet cut in half and repunched. The washi tape is here to help punch trough plastic).

Then we have my first divider, on which I put one of the tabs Tracy sent me, and behind which I have my monthly goals. I've created a template for those that I adapted from Ray's monthly planner. I've been using them to set up goals every month and review them at the end since February, and love it so far. It's been very helpful, in improving myself.

My next section after that is 'sport'. I tried to keep it pretty vague. In it you'll find a Couch to 5k training plan (with the pink tab) that I printed off the internet, and that gets checked off every time I achieve a step, a Workout Log that I drew on some squared paper (4 columns: date, type of workout with room for comments, duration, distance if applicable), and a few interesting articles on fitness I punched and put here. I just put some washi tape on the tab of the divider, wrote the title on it and added some Winnie the Pooh stickers. As I said I'm fairly certain my set-up will change when I'll go back to the real world, so I tried to do tabs that I could easily modify.

The following section is my diary. I put one of Tracy's cute stickers on the divider (the character seems to be scratching his head in a sort of 'duh?' attitude; too cute. Sorry the picture is so blurry!).

I start with the year overview that came with the Filo. It's far from perfect, I very much prefer the horizontal calendar where each month gets a column, but I haven't yet found a way to print it out on my own. I know, I'm pathetic.

But then you can see the month on one page I did, adapted for Steve and Ray's template. I think I only changed the look, and added a Notes column. Oh and there of course you can one of Tracy's goodies, again :)

Then we go into the diary. I use Week on 2 Pages, column, because it came with the binder, but it's actually my favorite format, so that was nice. I usually first write down the appointments in front of the time, then the to do list of the day where there's room left, and then write about the day where I can!

The three next sections are dedicated to current projects. The first one is about the things that need to get done where I am now and during this summer. The second one is about planning after September. The third one has everything I need about my current job search.

After that, we get into a 'References' section, where I keep important information, a list of things I like, a list of Zen habits, a summary of Christmas gifts exchanged, and a page about my Filofaxes' structures. Then I have the alphabetical tabs behind which are my contacts (addresses, not email addresses or phone numbers, which are in the computer or the phone).

At the back I have blank paper, which I use to sketch, the business card holders (in which I keep mainly contacts needed in my job search). In the last pocket I have the Filofax notepad, which I use a lot, and I use the space left behind it to stash any letter or paper I need to take care of.

There, you have it, my Leon! I hope you enjoyed this post, as much as I enjoy reading about your set-ups! What do you think of him?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Filo Sighting #1

Hey there,

The other day I went to the doctor's office to book an appointment. This doc a pretty young energetic woman. When she went to check the date, I was very surprised: she put down her iPad, didn't turn to her computer, but instead turn to her other side and reached down. And then... she pulled an organizer out of her handbag! Imagine my surprise! I'm pretty sure it was a Filo, personal size. I thought I recognized the Classic, but the pink was much more like the Domino's hot pink than the Classic, well... classic pink. I ruined it all by yelling 'Oh my! A Filofax!!' real loud. She looked me weird and went immediately back to scheduling the appointment...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Look what the Postman brought!

Hey there,

I have a funny story for you today. See, I was reading Tracy's blog one day, and she was having a contest. We had to tell her what we would buy from JetPens if we had $25 to spare, for her and us to share. This is a very fun contest idea I think. First, because, well, it's JetPens. Like it's difficult to build a wish-list from that store. Anyway. It's also real fun because you chose things you would like Tracy to discover too! I had a lot of fun building my list, which amounted exactly to $25. And guess what, for the first time ever, I won something!! Exciting! Except... I didn't know I had won. You need to understand, I really like Tracy's blog, I read it everyday, I follow her on Twitter, and her blog is in my RSS feed... how could I miss the numerous posts she did about the winners, especially the ones not giving her their addresses (oops) ?! Anyway, I did miss them... I only realized I had won when Tracy understood who I was from chatting on Twitter ('You're HM??'). Now I don't know if you know, but Tracy is a very nice person. Of course I don't really know her, but from reading her blog, her interactions with people on Twitter, and exchanging myself some emails with her, I can tell you, she's super nice. You're still not convinced? Well guess what. Even though the day to mail out the contest gifts to the winners was long passed, Tracy asked for my address and send it to me. When I received it this morning, I was over the moon (is that the right expression?). AND, to top it all, she included surprises!! Now you're convinced, right?

Here are the pics, in situation, in my Leon (because of course, I use my gift in my Filo!):

Here it is! My beautiful elephant tape holder!! And look at that tape: one roll with animals and one with cars! You can find it here

And here are all the extra surprises I got! Some blue Martha Stewart notes, some purple Post It flags, some cute removable tabs, on which I put a golden sticker, a very pretty pink flower, a little sticker, some '!' flags, another cute little sticker, and a little hot dog!

Thank you sooo much Tracy for this package!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Filo Background

Hey there,

I thought it would be good to start this blog by presenting myself and my history with Filofax. Oh my, I'm already talking about it as if it were a relationship...
First of all, I'm not a native English-speaker. I'm writing this blog in English because it is the main language of the wonderful Philofaxy community, but please be forgiving. Do not hesitate to correct me if you notice a spelling or grammar mistake, I'm very much willing to improve.
I've always love stationery, as far as I can remember. I have also always loved organization. I remember spending hours as a little going though all my crayons and classifying them in boxes according to color. My dad used to receive a bunch of promotional planners through his job that he never used, so I'd play with them.
I think I started wanting a Filofax when I was around 14. But I wanted to receive it for a significant date. I wanted it for my 16th birthday, but by then I realized that I couldn't be sure the type and size of the organizer I would need then would still suit me a few years later. I really wanted to have an object I could keep for a loooong loooong time. Something symbolic. Then I wanted one as a high school graduation gift, then one for my 18th birthday, then one for my 20th... Everytime deciding against it for the same reasons. I finally got my first Filo last year, for my 25th birthday. By then I had finished school and had been working for 2 years, so I decided I 'knew' myself and my organization well enough to do this investment.
Before getting it, I had been using the Moleskine planner (week on one page with notes) since high school, either in their A5 size or their pocket. Always with a red cover! I had been perusing the interwebs about Filofax for a while, and especially like to visit Flickr (pictures, which I just love) and Philofaxy of course.
As my birthday was approaching, I decided on a Vintage Pink Pocket Malden to be my first Filo. Choosing the size was the hardest part for me. I didn't want to use a Personal because I knew the size of the page would feel weird to me. I'm much more comfortable using something closer in proportions to A4. Also, I was used to always have my planner with me, so I needed it to be quite portable. To ensure that I would always have it with me, I also wanted it to be my wallet. I also knew I wanted my planner to be in leather (since I wanted it to last for a looong time, remember?), and in some sort of a purple (my favorite color). Then Malden's famous charms did the rest.


We had been very happy together for a few months when the beautiful sale on Chameleons appeared on Filofax' website. I had been thinking about trying an A5 (my work planner was an A4 of which I filled the pages, but that I deemed too cumbersome). I jumped on the occasion and ordered it, in Aqua. Now Filofax didn't offer delivery to the country where I was living at the time, so I had it delivered to my parents' and had to wait 6 months to meet my beautiful Leon... The agony! But then, it was love at first sight.


Finally, since I was loving this size so much, I wanted to get a sexy purple Finchley. Tracy was selling one on Ebay and I entered in the bidding war, using Ebay for the first time! Of course I lost... but a few days later I was able to get a Pink Finsbury for a decent price, which was thus my first Ebay win. Pink is not my favorite color, but I still love it very much!


So, there, you have it, my story so far with my pretty binders!