Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Filo Sighting #1

Hey there,

The other day I went to the doctor's office to book an appointment. This doc a pretty young energetic woman. When she went to check the date, I was very surprised: she put down her iPad, didn't turn to her computer, but instead turn to her other side and reached down. And then... she pulled an organizer out of her handbag! Imagine my surprise! I'm pretty sure it was a Filo, personal size. I thought I recognized the Classic, but the pink was much more like the Domino's hot pink than the Classic, well... classic pink. I ruined it all by yelling 'Oh my! A Filofax!!' real loud. She looked me weird and went immediately back to scheduling the appointment...


  1. Excellent!!!Ha ha ha!!! Even some people who use them clearly don't get the obsession :o)

  2. LOL that is so the sort of thing I'd do!! I always expect Filofax users to act like we're part of the same club, and I'm quite put out if I'm using my Fax on the tube, spot someone else with one as well, and yet they don't even bother to make eye contact...

  3. I did excatly the same thing yesterday. We are moving buildings at work and the Estate manager was checking things off on her to do list. " Oh, thats a Kendal, isnt it?" I asked. She looked confused then followed my pointing finger. " No, its a filofax." I guess the bug does not affect all users! She did say she would not be without it though.

    1. Oh Helen, that just makes me sad. LOL

  4. I go through the same thing when i see someone using a favorite pen and when i comment on it, i get something like "oh, i just grabbed this from somewhere"
    Totally clueless to the stationery obsession! Poor souls ;-)

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  6. LOL I'm glad I'm not the only one it happens too! I'll make sure to report my next adventures here :)
    And Romina, I totally see what you mean! I'd get upset if at work someone would borrow my pen, and they would never understand why :)
    Oh, us stationery-obsessed...

  7. Fabulous! I love hearing stories about sightings, I've yet to have one

  8. I guess us Europeans, and British even more so, are more likely to spot them than it is in the US, but don't lose faith :D