Sunday, November 4, 2012

What makes a Sunday perfect

If you guys follow me on twitter or instragram, you'll have already seen a lot of these pics :)

After an awful week (this job...), I really need to enjoy my Sunday, and relax.

A beautiful perfect fall day greats me when I wake up
Huge, fresh, OJ to start the day!
I made a good ole veggies soup to enjoy tonight, and probably the rest of the week :)

No photo of my brunch, inhaled too quickly, but please picture delicious poached eggs on toasts, with avocado...

My Filo, tea, favorite pens and PC, good looking back on previous weeks and scheduling the one ahead

After some planning and filofixing, my afternoon will be filled with baking (cinnamon rolls?), studying, and enjoying time with the fam :)


  1. Sounds perfect!! :-)

    1. Thanks Alison for reading!
      It is perfect :)I'm taking a break in the studying to blog for next week a little bit. It's so nice to take it easy on weekends and focus on things I actually enjoy!
      What are you up to today ?

    2. Didn't get up to much, had a chest infection, feeling a bit better today though :-)

    3. Oh my, I hope you're feeling better! Take care of yourself, these things can get bad!
      I had a big scare this week, as I was feeling huge chest pains, pressure, difficulty to breathe... turns out, it was 'only' because of ribs that had moved, nothing linked to the heart or the lungs, so relieved!
      I hope you're better and you'll enjoy this coming weekend more :) #itshumpday